OCOA Human Resources Meeting Recap

Tuesday October 8, 2019

Las Vegas, NV

Our October session kicked off with brief introductions from each of the participants and updates on several HR career paths.  The chance to connect in person provides a reminder that many of us share the same challenges in our respective call centers and that face to face interaction provides an opportunity to gain additional perspectives in approaching these daily issues. 

The group was provided with resources which address some of the more common and growing issues within our respective teams.  These include FMLA, job accommodations, and the increasing challenges within mental health.  These realities are here to stay and will continue to take on a larger presence within our organizations.  Providing tools to effectively address is something we can all benefit from. 

We had the privilege of welcoming a local employment attorney to participate in an HR round table discussion to address a number of growing and concerning matters.  Mr. Tony Martin of Ogletree/Deakins in Las Vegas joined our meeting to provide a legal perspective on a number of topics provided by the group.  He also shared a brief overview of his responsibilities within the law firm, as well as, his major areas of focus. 

Before we addressed specific topics, Mr. Martin provided a template which he utilizes that can help resolve just about any concerning issue.  The three steps include: 

  1. Being proactive about employer relations
  2. Setting expectations
  3. Utilizing the N.E.A.T doctrine: Notice, Expectations, Assistance, and Time. 

We then jumped into discussing a number of topics which have legal questions surrounding them both now and on the horizon.  Some of these included: legalization of marijuana; social media in the workplace; government audits; general guidance on employee handbooks; and a specialty area for Mr. Martin, union avoidance.   By utilizing the template, most of these matters can be resolved in-house and without escalation and costly resolutions.  We were reminded that organizations cannot have a policy for “everything” and what can really make a difference is continuous interaction with employees to listen to their concerns. 

Although we could have continued on for the rest of the morning, our session wrapped up with everyone taking away a few tools and bits of information to take back to their centers. Until next time…meeting adjourned!!  

Tony Martin bio:  http://www.ogletree.com/attorneys/Anthony-L-Martin

Contact information:  Anthony L. Martin | Ogletree, Deakins,
3800 Howard Hughes Parkway, Suite 1500 | Las Vegas, NV 89169 | Telephone: 702-369-6801     Mobile: 702-281-3038       anthony.martin@ogletree.com