Health & Benefits Committee

health-committeeThe Health & Benefits Committee provides an opportunity for members of OCOA to pool their resources and employee numbers for purchase of various types of insurance coverage. The committee’s consortium pricing allows individual members to search out adequate and affordable benefits that best meet the needs of their individual organization. Members have the flexibility to hand-select only the benefit options they choose. Currently, 15 states participate in the group’s health insurance plan covering approximately 525 lives. Additionally, all 23 active members of OCOA participate in at least one employee benefit option.

National Healthcare Access is the committee’s current account manager. NHA is very active with committee members, and are always available for support and administrative assistance. NHA attends both the spring and fall OCOA meetings, and are accessible to individual members whenever needed. The One Calls of America Health & Benefits Committee strive to ensure all members have the best possible health, dental, vision, life, short-term disability, and long-term disability policies available to them, and for the best value. The Health & Benefits Committee consistently plays a major role in helping the members of OCOA save money, and provide education and services to its membership.

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