Health & Benefits

This document will be reviewed and discussed at the May meeting.  Please bring a printed copy with you and make any suggestions either using this forum or by email to ben and I. John   AMENDED AND RESTATED POLICIES & PROCEDURES OF ONE CALLS OF AMERICA Insurance Committee VEBA TRUST 1. The VEBA Trust Account shall reimburse the General Account for administrative costs on a quarterly basis. 2. The VEBA Trust Account is used for all insurance programs; premium payments, prescription and medical reimbursements, disability checks, etc. Checks on these accounts can be signed by signatories approved by the Board. The Assistant Treasurer is authorized by the Board to manage the excess revenue from the VEBA Trust Account to secure a higher yield. 3. Members of the VEBA Trust plan program not participating in the ACH program will provide a deposit in the amount of their average month’s bill to