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Countdown to Orlando, Fla
Countdown to Orlando, Fla
Courtesy of Go Mylo Countdown




OCOA Forum

The first OCOA Meeting

    OCOA 1997 Cropped

This picture was taken during the 1st meeting of One Calls of America held back in 1997 at the Epcot Center in Orlando, Florida.  Pictured are:

Back row: left to right - Jerry Hickman (AT&T), David Schluter (SSOCOF), Patti Canter, Bob Foster (NY One Call), Minnie Mouse, AT&T Rep, and Frank Caparso (NHCAI).

Front row: left to right - Another AT&T Rep, J.D.Maniscalco (UNCC), Dan Canter, Randy Lincoln (TN One Call) & Mickey Mouse!

Present but not pictured:  Kathie Fournier, Greg Obsincs & Bill Turner.
This picture was taken during a short break. Kathie, Greg & Bill were on the phone!

(In those days they were off using old rotary dial hotel wall phones!)

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